Take a dive with these watches.

Seal Dive Watch

When it comes to navy seal dive watches, no brand does it better than Luminox. Seal dive watches were originally developed by Luminox for U.S Navy SEAL teams use on their night missions. Their watches are enhanced with tiny self-powered micro gas lights. This is just expected from the world leader in the luminous compound industry.

The popularization and effectiveness of seal dive watches enable it to come in high demand among other branches of the military as well. Seal dive watches are employed with carbon fiber technology coupled with stainless steel where even pilots and aviators fancy them and use them in their jets and space shuttles. Seal dive watch prices range from $225 to $975 depending on the style and complexity of their features.

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Luminox is peculiar in the entire world because they use high technology micro gas lights encapsulated in borosilicate glass tubes and encased in aluminum housings for absolutely perfect night vision. This gas technology of Luminox is amazing because it has the capacity to allow the tiny lights in the watch to glow for up to 25 years without any “recharging” or use of any outside light source.

Luminox brand titanium dive watches boast full titanium cases (and crown protectors to boot). Screw back cases and crowns ensure that the watch is water-tight (up to about 200 meters, to be precise), while the sapphire glass crystal which covers the face makes for a heavily scratch resistant make. Swiss quartz movement makes for intensely accurate timekeeping, and the battery actually lasts for a whole decade—features befitting the harsh demands of being in the Navy Seals.

The illumination of a Luminox watch will not fade during the night, as other watches usually do. But even if a titanium dive watch is not luminous enough, still the primary feature of being light and corrosion resistant is your utmost consideration when buying one.

Luminox also manufactures light titanium dive watches which are highly corrosion-resistant. Having a titanium metal in a dive watch is having the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal attached to a dive watch. These attributes favor divers because they are always exposed to seawater. But it is not only seawater that titanium is corrosion-resistant to; these watches are fully prepared even for water containing chlorine such as diving and swimming pools.

Without a doubt then seal dive watches are made by the finest horologists aiming for incredibly durable makes that can withstand not only the pressures of deep sea diving, but also the strength required by the Navy Seal wearer, or any individual looking for the best timepiece for that matter.


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