Take a dive with these watches.

Mens Dive Watch

With all the available dive watches in the market, the question now is, “What makes a dive watch great enough to make it the best dive watch for men?” What are the criteria for judging a dive watch?

Probably the best series of criteria is function, water resistant depth, price, lifespan, and its added features.

Rolex were the first to patent waterproof watches in 1926. Ever since, waterproof features of watches leveled up to becoming water resistant and dive watch companies still continue to improve the minimum and maximum depth of their products’ water resistant features. The need to make a dive watch resistant against humidity in tropical countries was also addressed by manufacturers.
Below are a sampling of the many different dive watches offered. Click any one of the images to take you to a larger selection of watches.

  • Luminox Original Navy Seal 3000 Series Watches
    Luminox Original Navy Seal 3000 Series Watches

  • Luminox Navy Seal Colormark Chronographs Watches
    Luminox Navy Seal Colormark Chronographs Watches

Current dive watches have luminous watch hands and plate that enables divers to read dials easily under water. As opposed to the common push/pull crown that most watches have, dive watches feature a screw down crown. This gives the dive watch more of a water tight seal.

With the given criteria above, we can therefore say that the best dive watches for men and women are available from designer jewelers such as Cartier and Rolex. They manufacture the finest dive watches in the world. Their dive watches have advanced features such as a chronometer, which guarantee you the precision of timekeeping, or a chronograph, which allows the dive watch to also function as a stopwatch. The top-quality designer dive watches also come with added features you will love such as a perpetual calendar and tourbillon which counters the effect of gravity.

Dive watches are relatively expensive compared to other watches of any other sport. Investing in a good dive watch which you won’t have to replace in years is incredibly practical. This is why divers would want to buy a stainless dive watch because these are the types of watch that will continue their function through time—rust and stain won’t trouble the wearer at all.
There are also stainless computer dive watches out there in the market. Look for one that is designed with a two gas mix and a full decompression dive computer with an integrated digital compass. This function allows you to track your dive profile and do a post-dive analysis.

They say that a dive watch is like a badge that identifies scuba divers. And if you’re using a computer dive watch in diving, that makes you a more sophisticated diver. The computer dive watch is a good backup for your tech diving computers, so don’t feel that you have an unnecessary redundant tool strapped on you.


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