Take a dive with these watches.

Chronograph Dive Watch

When it comes to chronograph dive watches, DOXA is one of the leading manufacturers. It is a Swiss brand made famous three times. It first became popular in the 40s where it made some of the highest grade military watches. It became popular again in the 60s when it researched and then pioneered the now famous DOXA orange dial diver watch with the help of Jacques Cousteau. This model became a fad even for non-divers because it was the most visible underwater watch. Then came the 3rd wave of DOXA’s popularity as it made a design used by Dirk Eric Pitt (a renowned adventurer in Clive Cussler novels).
Below are a sampling of the many different dive watches offered. Click any one of the imagrs to take you to a larger selection of watches.

  • Luminox 8362.RPLuminox Men’s 8362.RP Dive Chronograph Black Watch
  • Luminox 3081Luminox 3081 Navy SEAL Evo Series Colormark Chronograph Watch
  • Luminox 3089Luminox Chronograph 3089 Orange Watch

Now, as a literary and film icon, DOXA is manufacturing an array of chronograph watches. One of the greatest DOXA watches is the DOXA WW2-issue military/naval Valjoux 22 Chronograph. There are collectors that even went out of their way to sell some vintage timepieces just to own this legendary model. This Chronograph dive watch model is immaculate and is being serviced by top ROLEX/PATEK/high-end master watchmakers. This design has an all-steel case that is hall-marked DOXA on the inside, and is virtually mark-less. Expert watchmakers have carefully buffed it, and it comes with a tight-fitting snap-back system that clicks into place like the day it was manufactured (on the eve of U.S. entry into World War II). With the price of these chronograph dive watches, you surely would have to set aside priorities just to boast of owning one.

A chronograph dive watch brings several lifetimes of pleasure and joy to any man by simply having it. This is one of the few military watch models that have no ordinance numbers on the back case because chronograph dive watches and other expensive timepieces in World War II were basically private purchase timepieces (dictated of course by their expensive price).

If you are a collector of dive watches, look for chronograph dive watches that have a tan to reddish gold dial. These models are pure military dials and are the original ones. This original design also comes with black steel hands with a classic red seconds pointer. If you are really looking for the vintage model, these above characteristics are your guide. With buying vintage and original chronograph dive watches, you are sure to carry a timepiece that has had a major part in history.

Indeed there are historically important dive watches out there that even come with a striking breitling-style stitched black leather strap (employed with a steel buckle), and collectors are clawing at each other just to acquire one.


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