Take a dive with these watches.

Dive Watch

Dive watches are an important diving tool. Diving is a safe sport but you certainly do not want to miscalculate and commit error when you’re a diver and you’re beneath the ocean because a slight error is fatal and it could mean your life. This is why you need a companion down there, 300 meters below or more, and the dive watch is the most suitable companion that will aid you in your dive.

The primary purpose of a dive watch is to time your stay in the water and time your ascent and descent from one level to another. Surfacing above the water too fast may cause death so it is very important that you time each descent and ascent. The entrance of nitrogen in your body during a dive is critical and must always be tolerable. The dive watch helps you track your depth and time when you are diving by allowing you to monitor your entrance and exit in the water.

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When choosing a dive watch, know your budget and settle for a style that suits you. There are several types of dive watch but among the most common are: digital, classic and computer dive watch. The computer dive watches are expensive because of the complexity of the technology while the digital are relatively cheap. The price of classic watches depends upon the jewelry attached to it so it could range from inexpensive to highly expensive such as more than $20,000. If you’re a diver and you just want your dive watch to do its function while you’re in the water, there’s no need to buy expensive dive watches. But if you are a collector, you can indulge yourself with the designer fashion dive watches.

The current trend amongst divers is sporting classic watches which are mechanical or quartz analog. But whatever the trend is, you should always keep in mind the function of a dive watch. So in buying one, consider the basic things it could do. First, the dive watch should be depth rated. Digital designed dive watches should have at least a depth rating of 200 meters, while classic analog watches should have a screw down crown to add more water resistant feature to the watch. Also, your dive watch should tell you your elapsed time. The bezel in analog watches is there for you to rotate to align with the minute hand, and this allows you to read your elapsed time at a glance. Digital watches are designed with a stopwatch, while computer dive watches automatically display your elapsed time.